C'est ici, où j'écris.

trust me, darling.

Voyage to France

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

IT WAS AMAZING, the French woman inside of me was finally liberated.   
Je t'aime France, et tout les choses françaises.
Chateau de Fontainebleau
Click here to view the Photo Album, Photo Book, and Website I created to document our voyage à Paris.  C'est s'appelle "Trop La Classe" parce que...c'était. 

Taking a Nap at our Hotel, "Salut Jet Laggation"

Bordeaux. "And then she suddenly became a peachy, glazed dessert."
I took this.  And this happened.  All are true. 

The Moulin Rouge.  I felt scandalous just taking a picture of it. 
The Eiffel Tower & I. I then realized that love can take building form. 
Sacre Coeur.  I can never spell heart right in French.  I must not have one. "Il  était bondé . Là, à l' église."

Gifted A Body

Friday, July 27, 2012

     My goal for this week was to do one creative thing a day whether it be write song lyrics, a poem, design and record a new style, or make art with photography.  Today, I decided to write a poem because its definition fits well with the circumstance.  Topher went into surgery this morning, the surgery we had all been anticipating, the surgery that is most abrasive to the body.  Topher's health has been bad enough so for him to go into this surgery made me nervous.  I've assisted with surgeries, shoot, I've done surgeries before and I know how invasive they can be and how damaging they are.  Topher's poor body.  Anyways, because of all this I fasted yesterday and felt loads better about it as I naturally should.  Thank you for the opportunity to use tools like fasting to bring faith, peace, and assurance.

  Here's L'Expression Créative Du Jour:

Le Poém, Les Corps Un Cadeaux

His frail body went into surgery today.
His tight muscles gripped, his skin fell away
Under the knife. His cells they would raid.
Invasive procedure with scalpel and blade.

Scared, apprehensive, worried: I won't be.
I fasted yesterday for this same surgery.
A healing will happen, as we once were told.
Now gifted a young body, that's no longer old. 

by Sami

dedicated to my brother, Topher

Here we are today, previewing the rocks in Fontainebleau, France before my rock climbing adventure - deux semaines.  I’m so stoked. You should be too. 
et voila:
Clubbed to Death - Rob Dougan  
Great Rock Climbing Song.