C'est ici, où j'écris.

trust me, darling.

No One Likes A Sequel.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Especially one involving my precious right leg.

     But it's true, I'll admit.  I can't deny this reality.  Life's started the hardness, pain, humiliation, and temporary damnation all over today. I'm reliving my nightmare, though it was once real life.  But I know I'll live through it.  It's not the end of the world, things will get better soon. Other people are going through harder things than me right now, and they too are hidden under a blanket in public. 
      I wonder what the guy sitting next to me at this BYU's computer lab is going through right now.  Maybe a death, maybe a break up, maybe a fight, or maybe absolutely nothing and his life is perfect and he is happy blah blah blah. 
        That's what we all tend to assume about everyone else, right?  Well people, 'tis false doctrine.  Now go smile at someone and do something nice for someone - who knows, you might just be what they need right now. 
       Like how I needed my mom's phone call a few minutes ago.  And how I need to go to class and love learning and ignore all dwellings on the pain and stares.
         Anyways, here's a confession: sometimes I write poetry.  It's what comes out of my thoughts and begs expression. Then I write it down/type it out/rap it to a nearby friend. Then it feels like I just sneezed the most satisfying sneeze.  That's called human expression people.  Its refreshing.  Even better than Lemonade.

9/17/12  Torn Leaf

Today I received news that changes my life
    The significance sinks in and blinds me with strife.
Does anyone know the importance of today?
    Of this stale blow of air that breathes hope away?
Not the man walking next to me or the girl walking by.
    While I’m clenching my bag firmly, not wanting to cry.

I can be strong. Is all that is said.
    over and over again in my head.