C'est ici, où j'écris.

trust me, darling.

Angst in the Bones

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 Weeks and 4 Days
My bones are aching with angst. 

Happy Fathers Day

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I come home one night and experience one of those "good timing moments" that you never forget.  The speakers were playing full blast in the living room while my dad is lost in a world known as Rock & Roll, dancing, singing, and obviously grooving as the Bee Gees single-handedly pump him up for his date that evening.  
I get my dancing shoes from this man.  

Here's to you, my father, the greatest man on Earth: 

Happy Fathers Day.

Stop Loving Everything

Friday, June 1, 2012


Not today at least, it's been such a good day.  Why? Because I love a lot of things in my life right now.  Yes, I'm making another list people, it's what I do. 

The "Life, I'm Liking Loving You  As Well As These Other Things Right Now" List:
- rock climbing
- my friends Sasha, Danielle, Melanie, & Kristopher
- the muscles sprouting on my forearms
- music, particularly this song by The Botaniks feat. Bernhoft - Fond of Jane and this song by Usher - Climax
- my job and the women I work with, its nice to be surrounded by people older than you sometimes
- my iPhone
- yoga in the mornings
- relationship advice from the father, stepmum, & real mum. 
- crisp mountain air - Utah summers are incredible
- the great weather
- mechanical pencils
- Amazon prime
- Southwest Airlines - I leave for AZ tonight
- my next weeks layout: climbing e'ry day, sailing, Mexico con mi madre, & American Fork canyon climb w/friends
- my next 6 weeks plans: California w/Tori, a huge party, St. George lake trip, Zion's National Park, then off to Paris with Melanie!
- more hours at work = more money, we all love that green stuff
- General Conference talks in the morning
- my Book of Mormon, was so excited reading today
- clean laundry, warm bed, clean room, food in my cupboards, and rent, car, and speeding ticket are over and done with.
- random facebook messages from friends you haven't talked to since you were 15
- 6 more hours until I am done with work.