C'est ici, où j'écris.

trust me, darling.

Coffee Break

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

       In between the two essays I have to write today I decided to take a break.  It's only called a Coffee Break because that's the name of the rap song I decided to learn. It eases my mind amongst so much homework.  It's by Zeds Dead and Omar LinX.  Here's is what I have so far:

Coffee Break - Zeds Dead ft. Omar LinX
vs. 1
Yeah, woke up but I got to go back
Tell mama I ain't no slack
I'ma make it in this world
I'ma show you girl
I might fall but I ain't gonna tap

Just thought that I'd let you know
a couple things that I can't let go
I want it all
but I gotta make the call
to get this job and get this dough

Two sides to the same old story
no love in the game of greed
no time for border dreams
no time for me no time to breathe

But I ain't a quitter you should  g****** know better
make a _____________g****** go getter
I'ma take it to the top
If you thinkin' I'm not
you lost to a g******go-getter

vs. 2
Yeah, yeah I'm in today
I'm overworked and I'm underpaid
They taking off, I'm going late
they slackin' off, they coffee break.

But I've had enough and I want a raise.
& I know my cards, & I know the game
But I'm struttin' around like I own the place,
with my head up high like I know the way.

And I'm walking here so confident,
so devenir, so off the wind.
I am the man, that's not pretend
I could do it again if you're not convinced.

Cuz I know the deal:  it's do or die.
I'm Ron O'Neil
I'm Superfly
They see the boy, they know I grind.
I put it where they can't deny that.

Remember What You Deserve

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why does the heart take so long to heal?  I often consider it's surgical removal for this very reason. 
Please, enjoy this and make today incredible.

Then, download this other great song by Mr. Angus and Julia:
Angus and Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane (Michael Brun Bootleg)

Laura and I

Mother and I



The party group, took a stroll through the partying town of El Fuerte.
We rode in these little aircrafts.

The Family and Best Friend

Gray Whales, I got to pet a few, they came right up to our boats.

I Think I'm In Love...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

                                                 ...with Rock Climbing.

        Everyone needs a secret hobby.  This one's mine.  Rock climbing...it brings you the feeling after completing a level  that reminds you that you can do hard things, and that I'm one step closer to actually conquering a mountain.  Until the mountain, it will be a wall with colorful holds. 

save it for a lively day.