C'est ici, où j'écris.

trust me, darling.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fusing your soul with another person's soul is absolutely terrifying. 

-Sami Lynch

In Preparation:

1. Create the Magnet, and create it strong. 
- What am I creating in my own qualities, and my own character to attract what I want in a future relationship?
         -manners, civility, financial responsibility, common sense, dress, good taste, work ethic, pray, cooperate with others, communication skills, how to compromise, stay fit, our appearances, good humor, conversations, intelligence...etc
- What qualities do i want in my future companion?

2. Get the two great questions in life, and in the RIGHT order. 
1. where am I going?
2. who am I going with?

3. Begin your marriage like Adam and Eve began their marriage:
-both open with each other, and not ashamed and stayed open with each other
- Is there anything I have done that I would be ashamed to tell my spouse?

4. Expect to water camels (for the Girls), or Work seven years for a bride (for the guys). 

The Decision Making:

The 10 Commandments for Decision Making:
1. Don't make decisions based on fear.
-all of decisions made out of fear are always the wrong ones
-focus on the fruits of the promised land
2. The Lord won't make the decision for you, but a lot of people want him to.
-its a decision of preference, not necessarily because it is right. Because it could be.
3. Beware of demanding, and asking the fire of God.
4. Almost everyone gets cold feet, just expect it.
when you do, ask yourself this: Are you nervous about a specific thing, or about the whole idea of marriage?
5.  The time is rarely right. Focus on the person not the timing.
6. The name of the game is Courtship, not hanging out. (hanging out was invented by Lucifer)
7. It is possible that God can say "Yes" to one and "No" to another.
8. Be careful of the images of the world. (whats the key to a successful marriage? low expectations. Guys problem - with image expectations, Girls -
9. Ordinances and Covenants bring an increased spiritual maturity, that if they are not made, one can spiritually plateau.
10. There are more Davids than Josephs. -the bridling of passion is an expression of love.

Two Final Questions:

1. Are you in love with the person, and not the feeling? Love is a deep unity maintained by the will and distinct power for unity.
2. Will God seal an empty jar?