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Old Things Part I: Essays

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

As I was scrolling through my archive of writings for various class assignments I came across this one.  Sometimes I look at my past and think, "I was a funny one".

12/10/12 French 202 Class at Brigham Young University:

Final Self-Assessment

And here are the results...  I really enjoyed our class this semester and I believe that because of the instruction, course content, and organization I felt like I vastly improved in my French speaking ability, understanding of the French culture, etc.  Because of all the great learning opportunities, I felt like I was placed in a biosphere that provided all of us students with the optimal tools and best circumstances for growth in the French language.  
The most influencing factor, I felt, was from the readings and class lectures.  The readings helped load vocabulary into both my right and left brain.  The subject matter increased my interest because the people or events were relevant to my previous exposure to the works.  Like a wise man once said, “Interest precedes learning.”
I also liked the way we approached grammar in our class.  Despite the short amount of time we spent on grammar, they were by far the most effective grammar lessons I’ve had in all my previous French classes.  The way the tenses were broken down felt like someone had finally found the right adhesive to glue the grammar tenses’ visual timeline onto the cement walls of my brain.  
With this being said, I have constructed a graph using examples from our coursework to better convey the chronological sequence of growth in my french embryonic knowledge.

This is a graph of Samantha’s Competency in French. Starting with the measurements of one being like Louis XIV’s level of humility.  Two is Arthur Rimbaud’s “Voyelles” understandability. Three is comparable to Montaigne’s stimulating wit, four like Pascal’s logical argument, five is measured to be comparable to the greatness of Gabrielle Roy’s works, and lastly six is like the success of Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables”. So I feel like I improved immensely, still could reach the level of coolness comparable to the creation of the Encyclopedia, but maybe I’ll reach that point during a future trip to Paris.

Oh hey that's me. 
Anyways, I know for a fact that statistics and graphs were not a requirement for that assignment, but there you are.

      Lately, I've been thoroughly basking in my educational opportunities.  I've taken a lot of courses at University level and have grown so much from a good education.  I'm not done! (2 more years) But I'm almost done.  I will be more than ready to graduate, but I will also be more than grateful for my education.  This progression business that is progressing on Earth is exactly what I signed up for.  I am a satisfied customer. I'll post a graph depicting my satisfaction levels later.